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Who Can I Send My Referrals to?

Placing a referral with Realty Connect

Can I choose the agent I want to send my referral to?

Absolutely. Although we handpick network members and monitor their performance to maintain quality, many agents ask, “Can I choose the agents my referrals go to?”

The answer is yes and the benefit to this is that you can negotiate any referral fee percentage that is agreeable between you and the agent you’re referring this business to.

However, if you select your own agent, be aware we have not vetted these agents and are unable to verify the high-quality standards we have for our network agents.

Also, our ability to manage, track, service, and account for your referral as well as the collection of the referral fee requires extra time and effort from our service team since they are not in our network.

For that reason, if you select your own out-of-network agent, YOU will be responsible for securing an executed referral agreement (click here) that will need to be signed by agents and principal brokers of both firms.

Any verbal agreement not in writing and signed by the 2 principal brokers of BOTH firms is completely unenforceable.

Also, please note you will need to have an executed referral agreement in place for EACH client and EVERY transaction you refer AND you need to provide us a copy of that referral agreement signed by that agent’s broker.

Otherwise, Realty Connect will legally lose ALL ability to collect any referral fee on your behalf.

If you choose your own agent, please specify in your referral agreement whether your referral is Buying Only, Selling Only or Buying and Selling.

Since we are relying on you for these details, we’re unable to assume any liability if you do not complete the referral agreement as instructed above or if important details are missing that would affect our ability to collect a referral fee on your behalf.



Where can I find the Referral Agreement?

When you're wanting to "Choose Your Own Agent" you'll be required to utilize the Referral Agreement provided by Realty Connect. You can find it by doing the following:

  1. Go to www.RealtyConnect.com
  2. Choose the button at the top that says "Submit A Referral"
  3. Click the button that says "SUBMIT A REFERRAL"
  4. Log into your Agent Dashboard 
  5. Select either "CHOOSE MY OWN AGENT"

This will open up the PDF copy of our Referral Agreement. From here you'll need to fill out your information, as well as the information for your referral. You'll then need to send the document to the agent you've chosen to have their Principle Broker sign. 

NOTE: If the Principle Broker or Managing Broker does not sign, our Admin team will send the agreement back. We see this most often with commercial deals, so please provide the Admin team with a heads up that this is not a residential deal and will require the signatures from either VP or operations or higher. 



Can I choose my Network Agent?

No. Our network is designed to be a "hands-off" approach for our agents. If you're submitting your client to our network of agents the process will be automated as follows:

  1. Follow above steps 1&2 for submitting a referral and choose to "Place Into Our Network"
  2. Choose from the options "Buy", "Sell" or "Buy & Sell"
  3. Fill out and submit details in appropriate boxes
  4. Send template email provided in gold box above "Send Information" button

NOTE: There is a gold box at the bottom of the page outlining the steps that the client will need to take in order to complete the process. Please be sure to copy and paste the information as well as send the details in a personal email to your clients. This will make sure they're prepared for verification as well as agent placement. 

What happens next:

  1. Your client will receive a call from our concierge service confirming the details of their transaction.
  2. They will then be matched with up to 3 top local agents that specialize in the market requested within 24 hours. Once they've chosen the agent that they want to work with that agent will reach out to them directly.