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How to Use the Agent Dashboard

Navigating your Agent Dashboard

Your agent dashboard allows you to download your ebiz card, order agent websites and business cards, track your leads (Referral Rockstar only), update your profile, and change your billing information. To access your agent dashboard, please visit www.MyRealtyConnect.com


The dashboard will give you insight to your Leads if you've purchased the Referral Rockstar program (agent website and lead tracking system). It will also give you insight to any information not filled in and all of your membership and billing information. 


The leads section will become available if you purchase the Referral Rockstar program. It will allow you to get insight to what is happening with current leads that have been submitted. 


The marketing section will also become available upon the purchase of the Referral Rockstar program. This will give you insight to your website information. 


In the profile section you can update your General Contact as well as the information for your business cards. You can download your cards as well as order printed business cards. You are also able to update your licensure and get discounts for the CE shop under the Licensure section.