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How Does the Joining Process Work?

What are the steps to get signed up with Realty Connect


Sign up using our secure online payment system. Once you join, you get immediate access to Agent Academy! This is our online community where agents can connect with each other and begin FREE training to learn the strategies our most successful agents use to generate referrals.



The minute you join, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to transfer your license. This can vary by state, but the entire process usually takes 5 minutes or less. Seriously, we make sure this part is easy. But if you do get stuck for any reason, we have real people who can help.



Don’t know how? Don’t worry! We give you all the tools, training & support you need to become a referral Rockstar! In fact, we’re so confident that you will make at least 1 referral within your first 30 days, we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied for ANY reason!



Video Walkthrough

Step by Step

Step 1 – Go to Website

Go to www.RealtyConnect.com


Step 2 – Click Green Button “Join Now” or “How to Join”

Once you’re on the main home page you’ll have two ways to get to the Join page. You can scroll down and click the JOIN NOW button or click the How to Join button in the top right-hand corner. Either option will take you to the Join page.


Step 3 – Complete Sign-Up

You will be directed to the registration page to complete your sign-up. Once you’ve included all the required information, you’ll click “Sign Up Now”.


NOTE: If you have any pre-filled information or if your address includes unit/apartment numbers you may receive an error. You do not need to include unit numbers as any payments mailed will be sent to the exact address on your required W-9.


Step 4 - Pay the $100 membership fee.

Step 5 – Check Your Email

Now that you’ve joined on the website, you’ll receive 2-3 follow up emails.


Email 1: “Thank You for Subscribing” from info@realtyconnect.com – This email will include your invoice for your membership fee


Email 2: “[Realty Connect] Login Details” from noreply@mg.realtyconnect.pro – This email will include a link to setup your password for your Agent Dashboard.


Email 3: “Welcome to Realty Connect! [Action required. Please read ASAP.] from Megan Lattin (Onboarding Specialist) – This email will provide the next steps on transferring your license as well as where to get all of your materials


TIP: If any of these emails are not in your inbox within 1 hour of joining (during normal business hours of 8am-5pm EST) please check your spam


Check out the Video Question/Answers on the Realty Connect Home Page